All About Mrs. Christensen


Ms. Christensen


Dear Parents and Families,


I'm changing this page to change with our current situation. First I would like to say


that I am missing your sweet faces so so much. I am bored and I need to hear some of


the wonderful stories about how you lost your tooth or what you're doing over the


weekend or any funny story that you would like to share. I always enjoy sharing


experiences with my students and this situation is not fun. That being said I hope you


are getting outside enjoying the beautiful days we have and getting some exercise when


you aren't reading or getting on line to "learn." I hope when you are getting on line you


use the links from my website. They are educational based and they are "safe!" If you


forgot how to access your Google account it's first initial last initial student number


(lunch card number) ex: Your password is OPS 8


digit birthdate ex: OPS04081984 (I'm not giving the real year lol) Once you are in your


Google account you can access your Google Classroom, Typing Club and Prodigy. Just


"Sign in with Google. " :) If you have any trouble please feel free to reach out to me at Enjoy this time with your family, stay safe, wash your


hands and I hope to see everyone back in August!! Mrs. Christensen loves you and misses