Special Programs

Scholastic Book Fair... March 2 thru 4
  Scholastic book fair
Students-only shopping: March 2 thru 4
Online shopping: Feb. 21 through March 6

Sequoyah spine label

Sequoyah Book Challenge

Fourth- and fifth-grade students who read five (5) 2021 Sequoyah books between now and May 1, 2021 will be invited to an Icee Party, complete with rewards, refreshments, fun, and games. 

Read-a-Thon logoRead-A-Thon. Our annual walk-a-thon event will be a read-a-thon event this year to raise awareness about reading and to raise money for our PTO-sponsored activities and our school. Watch for more information.


 Literacy fair logoLiteracy Fair. A competition for students to present their favorite fiction/non-fiction book in a “fair” atmosphere. We want students to experience an enjoyable reading activity while developing a love for reading.

Grinch Ornament bookWhoville Christmas Ornament Contest. Make or decorate a Whoville-inspired non-breakable, non-perishable ornament no larger than 8-inches total. Any shape or material accepted.Ornaments are judged by rubric for overall visual impact, age-appropriate craftsmanship, creative use of materials, likeness to the Whoville theme, inspiration for design... not on perfection.


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Wish List
Are you looking for a way to help grow our library and its programs? Following is a list of needed items:
  • Stuffed objects/animals to mark book shelves for PreK-2nd grade
  • Games
  • 30- to 200-piece puzzles
  • Gummy worms
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Starbursts
  • Skittles